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629 Main St. Rapid City SD, 57701

Winter Hours (October 1st - April 30)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Lakota Dream Museum & Monument

Indigenous Peoples have long been denied their histories, their traditional territories, and access to thousands of their sacred sites. The Lakota Dream Museum and Monument aims to be the first Native owned and operated museum and cultural education center that will facilitate the return and long-term protection of sacred artifacts that were stolen or otherwise unjustly taken from Indigenous Peoples. As the only museum of its kind, we will honor the living memories of Indigenous peoples by providing cultural, social, and educational programs grounded in the oral traditions and traditional knowledge systems unique to their communities.

The Dream

The first Native owned museum that will enable the return of precious artifacts to the Lakota people and other great plain tribes, bringing to life the histories, cultural knowledge, and ancestral experiences to educate future generations.

Program Elements

Lakota Dream will be a 20,000 SF building with room to grow in the future.

The Land, why is this location important?

Current Location - 629 Main Street Rapid City, SD 57701

Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns- This location was the center place of many ceremonies performed by Lakota Holy-man Black Elk. Many of our people used the caves found on this land to stay warm during the harsh winters. It is said that this was one of Sitting Bulls last stops before the Battle of Little Big Horn. View PDF to see the full history of the land.

Scenic view of landscape of trees Trees on a mountain Men on a stairway
Eagle pearched on a tree

Our ancestors are always here watching over us, all you have to do is look.

Programs under Lakota Dream

My boy, you are going to walk a hard life. Be strong, there is no turning back.

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